About Ruta del Vino

Ruta del Vino is a Latin American wine bar and restaurant located at 800 Upshur Street NW in the Petworth neighborhood of Washington, DC. We feature roughly 18 wines by the glass and roughly 10 wines by the bottle, all from Latin America. Our cuisine draws from across Latin America, including Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, and elsewhere. Our cocktails all feature Latin American base spirits, including rum,┬ácacha├ža, mezcal, tequila, singani, and others.

Our food features meats, sausage, and fish cooked over a wood-fired grill, as well as a full menu of seafood, appetizers and desserts. #NoSmallPlates.

Ruta is owned by wife-and-husband team Jessica and Justin Logan, and Michelle Rodriguez, all Petworth residents.

First Bite - Ruta del Vino
Justin and Jessica Logan

Jessica, originally from Mexico, and Justin conceived of the idea as great fans of Latin American wines; in particular, they saw the revolution that was underway in winemaking in Latin America, and the values that the region’s wines offer. Believing that there was no destination for great Latin American food or for wine in Petworth, they joined with their friend Michelle Rodriguez to open Ruta. They aim to bring attention to under-appreciated grapes, regions, and styles of wine, of course from Chile and Argentina, but also from Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, and other countries that are now producing high quality wines